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History of Twister Development

The technology was pioneered for the aerospace industry by Stork NV from whom Shell acquired all intellectual property in 1999/2000. Shell’s subsequent investment allowed a number of test units to be built and tested on commercial Shell sites, before selecting it as a flagship candidate for open market commercialisation in a joint venture between Shell Technology Ventures (STV) and external investors in 2001. A new investor, Lime Rock Partners, invested in Twister in 2005.

A second generation of the technology, expanding the operating envelope commenced in early 2005. Final validation tests were completed during 2006, proving the final mechanical design and commercial application tuning. A qualifying model of the second generation technology was successfully tested on a commercial production facility offshore Malaysia.

b11 Offshore Malaysia .jpg

The first commercial order for this second generation Twister was awarded in Q3 2006, for Shell Nigeria, for the provision of a Twister system to condition wellhead gas for feed to a gas-fired power station. The system was started up in April 2009 and has operated successfully to date with 100% availability.