Successful Twister Commissioning in Nigeria

Posted: June 19, 2009 at 10:31 am

twister-nigeria-1.jpgThe second commercially-operated Twister® Supersonic Separator system has successfully started up in Nigeria at the onshore Okoloma Gas Plant. The Twister gas processing module is used for dewpointing 120 MMscfd of gas which is being supplied as fuel gas to the Shell Petroleum Development Company owned and operated 650 MW Afam V1 Power Plant. The Twister module incorporates six (6) Twister Supersonic Separator tubes together with a chemical-free Twister Hydrate Separator. The Twister tube design provides higher availability and reliability compared to older technologies whilst maintaining the benefits of chemical-free operation without moving parts.

The Okoloma plant uses advanced Twister Supersonic Separator technology to remove liquids present in gas when it comes out of the ground – necessary before it can be used in the gas network or to generate power. This advanced design is less costly and more reliable to operate than older technologies that add chemicals to do the same job. Okoloma can process 240 million cubic feet of gas each day (mmscf/d). The Okoloma gas plant will be supplied from 6 nearby wells. From here, it will supply the Afam VI power plant and the Nigerian Gas Company, which manages the domestic gas network and supplies industrial users around the country.

Shell – TwisterBV Press Release – TwisterBV Start up in Nigeria.pdf