Twister BV Introduces SwirlValve™ Technology

Posted: April 23, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Twister BV has successfully developed and tested the Twister SwirlValve™ – a new gas processing product which improves the separation of two-phase flow across a pressure reduction valve, such as a choke valve, Joule Thomson (JT) valve or control valve. This in turn significantly improves the liquid separation efficiency of downstream separators.

The improved separation performance of the Twister SwirlValve can be used to either increase the flow capacity of existing JT-LTS plants, or to reduce the pressure drop required for JT cooling, or to lower the hydrocarbon dew point and also to reduce glycol carry-over. SwirlValves can be applied for all Joule Thomson expansion gas flows.

SwirlValve technology will be effective in flow debottlenecking of existing separator trains, and/or reducing pressure drop in JT-LTS processes, whilst minimising liquid carry-over and/or gas carry under, reducing chemical losses and enabling significantly higher liquid recovery.

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