Products & Services

Twister BV offers advanced technologies and services for the global gas processing industry including the Twister® Supersonic Separator, the Twister® Hydrate Separator, and engineering design consultancy services (including gas processing studies and multi-phase flow modelling).

Twister BV Products

Twister® Supersonic Separator

is a unique combination of physical processes to produce a completely revolutionary gas conditioning system. To assess the feasibility and specific benefits for your application, please contact the Twister office for a free screening study.

Hydrate Separator

can be used to separate hydrates and liquids from natural gas without using chemicals. A Hydrate Separator in combination with Twister offers a unique combination of benefits for natural gas processing applications.

Twister SwirlValve™

Twister BV has now successfully developed and tested a new gas processing product – the Twister SwirlValve. The SwirlValve improves the separation of two-phase flow across a pressure reduction valve such as a choke valve, JT valve or control valve.

Twister Services

Gas processing studies

Twister BV offers advanced, integrated gas processing solutions which can radically optimise your oil and gas field development plan. Our gas field development studies identify and quantify opportunities for the application of new technologies including the revolutionary Twister Supersonic Separator.

Multi-phase flow modelling (CFD)

Twister BV is an expert user of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and process simulation tools. Exclusive CFD codes have been developed and validated in-house to solve real gas, multiphase flows with condensing and evaporating fluids.

How Twister can work for you

Screening Study

Twister offers a free screening study using process simulation tools in order to evaluate the potential technical and commercial benefits of applying Twister technology to your specific project application.