Gas processing studies

screen-graph.jpgTwister BV offers advanced, integrated gas processing solutions which can radically optimise your oil and gas field development plan. Our gas field development studies identify and quantify opportunities for the application of new technologies including, but not limited to, the revolutionary Twister® Supersonic Separator. By involving Twister BV early on in your concept selection phase, sufficient time will be available to develop an integrated field development plan which will optimise the development project economics.

engineers.jpgWe offer conceptual engineering studies for natural gas developments for the application of both Twister technology and for conventional gas processing alternatives. Applications range from green field gas developments to brown field de-bottlenecking, de-manning and trouble-shooting. Our clients include most of the worldwide major and small independent operating companies as well as many engineering companies. Most studies contain a technical and economic comparison of the Twister process versus one or more conventional processes. The initial high level feasibility study is offered free of charge. Just send us your project details using our data input form. More detailed studies are offered on a commercial basis. Specific additional capabilities can be obtained through our contacts with conceptual engineering and EPC contractors. Twister BV is an innovative company with a multi-disciplinary team of experienced engineers specialized in natural gas processing, combining high quality with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. Through the development and commercialization of the revolutionary Twister supersonic gas conditioning technology, Twister BV has accumulated a unique combination of capabilities.