Hydrate Separator


Low temperature separation (LTS/LTX) has been used extensively worldwide over a considerable number of years. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), in recent years, has enabled process designers to improve systems and optimize the efficiency and the fluid dynamics within separation vessels for oil, gas, and water. By applying our enhanced CFD modelling techniques and operational expertise in gas separation applications, Twister BV has further developed the LTX technology design by including a cyclonic feature that has enabled higher gas/liquid separation efficiencies to be achieved (in excess of 99%).

hydrate-separator-dutch.jpg hydrate-separator2.jpg Two specific facilities have been equipped with the Twister Hydrate Separator to date. One Hydrate Separator has been installed at the NAM operated Leermens gas plant in the Netherlands and two trains have been installed on the Sarawak Shell operated B11 platform offshore Malaysia. Both applications are used for de-gassing the liquids extracted by the Twister process.

It has also been installed in Okoloma, Nigeria.