Multi-phase flow modelling (CFD)

Computational Fluid DynamicsTwister BV is an expert user of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and process simulation tools. Exclusive CFD codes have been developed and validated in-house to solve real gas, multiphase flows with condensing and evaporating fluids. Our proprietary CFD codes currently provide the best available simulation method to characterize two-phase flows in natural gas processing, hence realistically predict the performance of compressors, expanders, separators, chokes and columns.

Our CFD and process simulation tools are extensively used by Twister BV to:


Twister BV offers CFD Consultancy Services during the design and operational phase of gas processing facilities. In the design phase, the combination of multiphase flow simulation and flow performance modelling, enables our customers to increase test effectiveness, hence reducing cost and development time. Twister BV offers tailor-made solutions resulting in the following specific services:

  • Design optimisation of process equipment.
  • Simulation and performance validation of process equipment, piping and valves:

    • Separator vessels and internals
    • Contactors
    • Heat exchangers
    • Pumps
    • Expanders
    • Choke valves
    • Furnaces
    • Production tubing.
    • Troubleshooting and de-bottlenecking.
    • Pilot tests and experimental validation.
    • Project management.


The principal value of our services and capabilities to the business of our customers are:

  1. Performance improvement of process equipment.
  2. Timely and cost effective product development.
  3. Production optimisation of gas processing facilities.
  4. Risk reduction of under-performing process units.

cfd-2.jpgTwister BV is pushing the frontiers of numerical flow simulations in natural gas processing by continuous improvement of our Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) codes. This enables realistic simulation of increasingly complex, two-phase flow patterns in process equipment and other associated equipment such as turbo-expanders and gas/liquid separators. We can therefore help you in solving operational and/or design problems in the most economical way”.


Twister BV has gained its experience in advanced two-phase flow simulations in natural gas processing, during seven years of development of the TwisterTM separator. Twister BV has applied its flow analysis capabilities for the following projects:

Through partnerships with leading CFD consultants, Twister BV can offer integrated and cost-effective services for a wide range of flow problems in the industry.