Twister® Supersonic Separator

Twister® Supersonic Separator

twister supersonic separator The Twister® Supersonic Separator is a unique combination of physical processes producing a completely revolutionary gas conditioning system. Condensation and separation at supersonic velocity is the key to achieving a significant reduction in both capital and operating costs.


Twister can be used to condense and separate water and heavy hydrocarbons from natural gas. Current applications include any combination of the following:

  • Water Dewpointing (Dehydration)
  • Hydrocarbon Dewpointing
  • Natural Gas Liquids extraction (NGL/LPG)

These applications can be applied in the following market areas:

  • Underground gas storage
  • NGL recovery

New applications under study include bulk H2S removal upstream sweetening plants, landfill gas treatment and sub-sea gas processing. The simplicity and reliability of Twister technology enables de-manned, or not normally manned, operation in harsh onshore and offshore environments and is expected to prove to be a key enabler for sub-sea gas processing. Twister BV is currently working on a joint technology development project with Petrobras in Brazil for sub-sea gas processing using Twister technology.

In addition, the compact and low weight Twister system design enables de-bottlenecking of existing space and weight constrained platforms.



Condensation and separation at supersonic velocity is the key to some unique benefits. The residence time inside the Twister Supersonic Separator is only milliseconds, allowing no time to form for hydrates to form and avoiding the requirement for hydrate inhibition chemicals. The elimination of the associated chemical regeneration systems avoids harmful BTX emissions to the environment and the expense of chemical recovery systems. The simplicity and reliability of a static device, with no rotating parts which operates without chemicals, ensures a simple facility with a high availability, suitable for unmanned operation in harsh and/or offshore environments. Supersonic separation also results in compact and low-weight facilities which can be installed on an unmanned, minimum facilities platform, not much larger than a simple wellhead platform or can be used to de-bottleneck existing space and weight constrained platforms.

Key benefits may include:

  1. No chemicals or reduced chemical consumption – eliminating or reducing chemical logistics, storage, regeneration and recovery systems.
  2. Closed system – no environmental emissions (e.g. BTX).
  3. Compact and low weight design.
  4. No rotating parts – eliminating lubrication systems and reducing maintenance costs.
  5. Simple and reliable – ensuring a high availability, enabling de-manned, or not normally manned, operation and improving safety performance.
  6. Near instant start-up.
  7. Higher Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) extraction resulting in improved revenue streams.
  8. Significant capital and operating expenditure savings.
  9. To assess the feasibility and specific benefits for your application, please contact the Twister office for a free screening study.