Twister® Supersonic Separator


To date Twister systems have accumulated over 216,038 running hours. Twister technology has been operated at the following sites under various pressures, flows and compositions.

NAM Zuiderveen – The Netherlands 1998
NAM Barendrecht – The Netherlands 1999-2000
NAM Leermens – The Netherlands 2000-2001
SPDC Utorogu – Nigeria 2001-2002
NAM Leermens – The Netherlands 2002-2003
Gasunie – The Netherlands 2005-2006
Petronas/SSB B11 – Malaysia 2003-present
SPDC Okoloma – Nigeria 2009 start-up
Petrobras – Brazil 2009 start-up
Ecopetrol – Colombia 2010 start-up

The Petronas/Sarawak Shell B11 contract was secured in 2002 and comprises a system using 12 Twister tubes handling 17 MMSm³/d (600 MMSCFD) of sour gas. Condensate that is formed is dried in a static coalescer and spiked back into the dry gas. This plant has now been in continuous operation for over six years and has performed better than the contractually agreed 98% availability.

Twister technology was selected by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) on a 120 MMSCFD onshore dehydration and dewpointing application for fuel gas treatment for the Afam power plant in Nigeria. The Twister module comprises 6 Twister tubes. The system was successfully started up in April 2009 and has operated with 100% availability to date.

Twister technology has been awarded a contract by Ecopetrol to supply Twister technology for an onshore, 65 MMSCFD, dehydration and hydrocarbon dew pointing plant in Colombia. The Twister tubes have been manufactured and shipped to Colombia and start-up is planned during Q3 2010.

Recent Projects

Twister BV was awarded a contract by Petrobras in April 2007 for an onshore dehydration/dew-pointing test module. This test is part of a joint technology co-operation to develop Twister technology for subsea applications. The Twister module has been delivered to Petrobras and installed. The plant started up in Oct 2009 and has run well to date.

Twister BV has completed an engineering contract for Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd to jointly develop a basic engineering package for a Twister dehydration module which will replace a TEG unit on an existing platform offshore Malaysia. The equipment supply contract is expected in Q4 2010.

Twister technology has also been selected by PTT PCL in Thailand for a brownfield debottlenecking application for enhancing NGL recovery at their onshore gas processing plant at Ma Thab Phut. We have completed a FEED contract and expect the equipment supply contract to be awarded in 2011.

Experience Summary

To date Twister systems have accumulated 216,038 system running hours in total including commercially operated units, pilot plants and closed-loop testing.