Twister® Supersonic Separator

Twister vs Competition

Commercial Benefits

  • Significantly lower life cycle costs compared to conventional silica gel and glycol based systems.
  • Near instant start-up – potential revenue improvement from on-demand trading?
  • Minimal OPEX costs – since Twister does not have any rotating parts and has minimal maintenance (6-yearly tube inspection scheme), eliminating operator intervention requirements, OPEX costs are lower than for conventional technologies. No external heating required for Twister Gas Conditioning Package.

Technical Benefits

  • Simple and reliable – ensuring a high guaranteed availability (>98%), enabling de-manned operation and improving safety performance.
  • Small(er) footprint
  • No fouling/poisoning of system resulting in replacement of dehydration bed (as for desiccants) and efficient turn down capability, fully process automation in control systems ensuring safer and more efficient operation.
  • No downtime constraints due to utility equipment failures (glycol pumps, regen systems, etc)