Twister SwirlValve™


A Twister SwirlValve™ replaced an existing JT valve in a gas treatment JT-LTS plant in September 2008, the installation time being less than 2 days.

For two months, the export gas quality was monitored utilising an online hydrocarbon dew-point analyzer and a mobile GACOM unit (measuring the liquid dropout at -3 °C and 27 bar). Noise measurements were also taken.

The following conclusions were drawn:

  • The HC dew point was reduced by 7 °C at design capacity
  • The flow rate was increased + 20% of maximum flow capacity
  • The Cold Separator temperature was increased by 5 °C – indicating that the pressure drop over the JT valve could be reduced by 20%
  • The SwirlValve noise level was comparable to rotating disk chokes
  • The SwirlValve had a linear control characteristic like any other traditional cage valve

Based on the performance of the first SwirlValve, the same operator chose a second JT-LTS plant to install a second SwirlValve, in order to test the performance over a different operating envelope. This device also performed as expected. This operator is now undertaking a field-wide view to identify other plants that can benefit from a SwirlValve retrofit.

In addition, a liquid-liquid separation valve is to be tested by a National Oil Company to characterize the separation efficiency of oil from water.